Week 2: Project Time

by Hannah Laughton

At 09h00, our project brief was posted on Convo! So what did we have to do before presenting to Lorna (our coach) and the rest of the cohort at 13h30? We had to re-design our final application viz, take two! It was time to draw on what we have learnt this past week; data visualization best practice & calculations and techniques.

So what did I do? Firstly, I made a little Gantt chart to try and manage my time:

I started jotting down points on my sticky note and made of sketch of what it was that I wanted to achieve (ideally). Note to self: don't worry about being perfect, leave the original sketch as is. If you can't get something to work in Tableau, it's okay - now that it's documented, you'll remember to work on it.

What did I change (refer to the images below the listed bullet points to see the new and improved):

  • Remove unnecessary colour
  • Removed drawing
  • Reduced the text
  • Used a divider line (this road was way too extra)
  • Moved the KPIs up to the top of the page
  • Reduced title text using colours
  • Removed paragraphs of text
  • Deleted y-axis title
  • Re-designed how speed limit is displayed using sets.
  • Removed text (again)
  • Total re-vamp! This design was thrown out the window completely. Now the number of crashes is displayed as a bar graph, which can be filtered dynamically by selecting a crash severity AND the use of helmet or lack thereof - this is achieved by creating parameters and calculated fields.

Finally, to next week me:

  1. Follow your Gantt chart (that's why you made it, duh) and leave enough time to practice before presenting.
  2. Think, think, think! Don't rush into things - you don't want waste time on something that isn't actually a good idea to start with!
  3. Write your blog and don't overthink it - it's Friday, put that laptop down!!!!

And on that note, I'm off to enjoy my weekend! :D


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