Mobile friendly dash(Dashboard week day 5)

by Eugenia Losada Gamst

Today was the final day of dashboard week, and I was worried we were going to get a super complicated task that was incredibly technical heavy but instead we got my favorited kind of task, one we can get creative with and  have a little fun making.

The instructions for the task were the following:

Half of them will create C-level dashboards and half will create analyst level dashboards. They will need to create two views in the workbook, one for Desktop and one for Phone. They need to be able to demonstrate how it looks on desktop and on a mobile phone.

From this I chose the Analyst level of insight.

We had to use the data from kaggle on Kickstarters found here:

Kickstarter Projects
More than 300,000 kickstarter projects

With all of that in mind this was my final products:


  • I got a little too ambitious with the limited amount of time
  • Its a good idea to restrict the amount of data you're analyzing

Future steps:

  • Id like to add a currency slider to change the currency the dashboard is in
  • more complicated charts
  • A deeper insight into correlations
  • A search bar for the kickstarter ID chart