Tableau Analyst Certification: Tips and Resources

by Carol Mhlanga

The Tableau Analyst Certification is relatively new. We wrote it as a cohort and I was happy to pass the first time.

Exam Preparation:

According to Tableau, this certification is targeted at those with 6+ months of product experience. The test covers topics from Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Server and the very basics of SQL (I got one question on SQL).

We went through the The Exam Prep guide provided by Tableau as a cohort then I went through it myself to read up on the areas I was not familiar with. The guide is a very useful document to understand the topics that need to be prepared for the certification.

I used the following links to study for the certification. Going through the questions helped me see which areas I lacked knowledge in. Although some of the questions are outdated, they are still useful.

A topic area that I overlooked and didn't prepare well in was for Tableau Prep Builder. Make sure to know or understand the steps on how to do something, e.g the steps to create a join etc.

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The Exam:

The exam is fairly easy to pass the first time if you prepare for it. However, the questions can be tricky. The exam is scheduled for 1 hour and 52 minutes and has 55 questions consisting of 2 theory and 1 practical sections.  Time was not an issue. You will have enough time to go over your answers.

For the practical questions, you will be connected to a virtual machine and have to use the Tableau Desktop available in that machine to answer the questions. You are allowed to revisit the questions only within each section. So before you leave a section ensure that you have answered all the questions of that section and have gone over them before moving to the next section. Don't forget to save your practical section, I saved the workbook after each question, I was not taking any chances!

If you are looking to take the exam, good luck! I hope this post has been insightful.

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