More Than an Analyst

by Carol Mhlanga

The assumption of a data analyst is that we need to be great at being technical and produce visually pleasing reports. That is a very important aspect of the job, however, its not the only important part of being a consultant.  Instead, we need to effectively communicate data insights to stakeholders.  As consultants, we need to develop some important soft-skills to compliment our technical ones. This includes communication, critical thinking, writing, presenting, and collaboration. Another important skill to add to that is learning to be organised. Marrying all these skills together will make you a stronger and more effective data analyst consultant.

In most interviews, including the data school interview, majority of the interview questions are scenario based questions.

An area that is not spoken about often is the importance of staying organised. This is important because as consultants, you are going to hand over your work to someone else at the end of your contract within an organisation. Documenting your work from the beginning is crucial. Ensure you document your processes, links, progression, achievements, problems, week review, tasks path (to do, in progress, completed, outcome).