Dashboard Week - Day 3

by Carol Mhlanga

I was looking forward to dashboard week because it meant the end of training and also meant I could put what I have learnt into practice.

Our task for Day 3 was to work with a large dataset with millions of rows. My plan was simple initially. Investigate the dataset and remove unwanted fields then create a story to execute.

After cleaning the data in alteryx, I moved on to tableau to see what I could visualise. My idea for the dataset was to create an option for the user to see how much an apartment would cost them based on what features they had chosen then allocate where the available apartments were to secure them.

In the end, the task was a bit complicated for the timeframe we had because I abondoned a few of my ideas and started from scratch a few times.

Today's takeaway:

  • write down your ideas based on the data
  • filter out any unwanted data which will enable you to work with a small dataset
  • working with a small dataset will ensure that tableau will run a bit faster and its generally good practice only to have a dataset that contains the fields you want to work with
  • if you dont finish your dashboard, present what you can and explain your idea
Cost of apartments based on number of rooms
Cost of Apartments Based of Number of Rooms