Edward Hayter

Ed graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science, building on a BA in Politics from the University of York. He enjoyed using R to parse and visualize survey data leading him to look for a role in data.

Ed has completed over 425 Alteryx Weekly Challenges and completed his Alteryx Advanced Certification within 4 months of starting to use the software. Demonstrating his drive to pick up new software and tools in the space. He enjoys helping others in the Alteryx Community with over 50 recognized solutions. For one client, Ed used Alteryx to build out a proof of concept data pipeline that would consolidate all the client's property information in a central database. For another, he developed and deployed a data refresh app to allow end users to refresh their data and save the business full-time data service staff. Ed also designed best practice workflows within Alteryx that were deployed company-wide.

Ed likes to produce a range of dashboards for his Tableau Public accumulating over 10,000 views and 400 favourites on his profile. For a client, Ed has helped save over 8 hours of internal reporting for an HR department by delivering a combination of high-level and detail dashboards on the department's operations.

Ed is continuously looking to expand his skills in data, completing Preppin' Data Challenges in SQL and sharing the code to his GitHub.

Outside of work, Ed cheers on Arsenal in the Premier League, and in his free time loves to get a game of golf in.



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