Ann Jackson

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Ann Jackson is an experienced and passionate individual with a rich and extensive background in data visualisation, exploratory data analysis, data communication, and business process improvement.  She places strong emphasis on connecting analytical discoveries with quantifiable business improvements and overall business strategy.  In her career with data, she’s taken on nearly every role, from Analyst, to Consultant, to VP of Data Insights & Engineering, and most recently Managing Director of a consulting firm she founded in 2018.

Ann is widely known in the Tableau community for her infectious enthusiasm (and all CAPS dashboards) and was first named a Tableau Visionary in 2018.  Her dedication to growing the practices of data communication, data literacy, and data visualisation mean that she is constantly connected and contributing to the global community.

In her spare time, Ann enjoys spending time with her husband Josh, either working on home automation projects, playing board games, or relaxing with their 3 cats.

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